£4.88 of every 1Kg of coffee sold will be donated to Magic Breakfast via Work For Good along with all tips.



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So how was EQUAL BEANS born?

I'm not sure about you, but we never really thought to much about kids until we had our own. Our kids are shy sensitive souls with potentially life threatening allergies, so when it was time to start thinking about sending them to primary school we had to think carefully about the options. We lived in Brighton then, and as overanxious parents the thought of sending our kids to a school, of close to 500 kids and 30+ class sizes, was frightening. We weren't as fortunate as the top 7% of the population to make private school an option, but we were socially mobile enough to move our kids to an idyllic little primary school in the heart of North Yorkshire of all places, where there were less than 30 kids in total. We will forever be grateful for the start it gave us. Thank you Mrs Lambert.

Things change of course, and work prospects sent us back down to the south of England again. The kids were older, we were more able to make better choices, and reflecting on our journey one evening, with gratitude for the choices we were able to make, we started wondering about other kids in the uk, and what choices they had available. You know what its like, a few keyword searches on Google, and before you know it you've jumped down the rabbit hole of UK child poverty.

Child Poverty

For those of you that don't know, UK child poverty is currently at about 1 in 3, or 4 million kids. Unbelievable numbers in a supposedly progressive, modern, society. And it's a number that has been steadily rising since at least the sixties, when it was at about 15%. To try and put that into perspective, exclude the private sector, and you have over 10 kids in every class of 30 in state education living below the poverty line. A third of the UK's future workforce.

Now apparently, UK child poverty costs the UK about £29 billion a year. We're no experts, but we'd guess that the UK government hasn't got much spare cash to throw at this problem, without it affecting some other area of government spending or increasing everyones taxes. If the government could solve the problem, there wouldn't be any need for the dozens of UK child poverty charities that exist, trying to help, but all needing your hard earned charitable donations. There are: Child Poverty Action Group; UNICEF; The Felix Project; Joseph Rowntree Foundation; End Hunger UK; Food Foundation; Oxfam; Trusselltrust; Childrens Society; End Child Poverty; Fabians. Those are just some of the national ones. There are many more local ones all trying to help.

The way we see it, the problem of UK child poverty is not going to be solved if things stay as they are. On the one hand the government can't spend any more to solve the problem despite promises to do so, and the charities fighting to help are reliant on donations from essentially the other 8 million families who aren't below the poverty line. The third way is for UK businesses to start redirecting profits to help the most in need kids in their society. 

Fighting UK Child Food Poverty Through Direct Action.

So this is how EQUAL BEANS was born. We imagine a world where charity donations aren't necessary. Instead, business provides you with the products you need to live your life, and from the profits fund the provision of the 1 in 3 kids who can't fend for themselves. If we can send every child in the UK to school, well cared for, we will be looking after the future prospects of our workforce, and saving the government £29 billion a year to spend on other things that need their attention. It will also take the pressure off the 1 in 3 families struggling to look after their children, and hopefully produce a happier, more productive workforce now.

Supporting Magic Breakfast.

We are proud to support the Magic Breakfast. Currently, for every 1kg of coffee you buy from us, we will donate £4.88 to the Magic Breakfast. This money will provide breakfast and support for one child for a month.  Having a healthy breakfast to start the day has been shown to improve concentration, alertness, comprehension, memory and learning for kids in school. Breakfast also decreases anxiety, depression and hyperactivity.

 About Our Coffee.

Our coffee is sourced from trusted importers, and directly purchased from international growers, to ensure we receive the highest quality beans from across the globe. The coffee is shipped over to British docks, and delivered to our UK roasting house twice a month. WE use traditional coffee bean roasters, combined with the latest technology and years of roasting experience, to ensure quality and consistency in our roasts. We prefer coffee blends to single origin roasts to control the quality we deliver to customers. Our coffee is roasted to order to ensure freshness, and sent as whole beans so you can grind them yourself just before brewing to get maximum flavour. We hope you enjoy our coffee as much as we do.