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Coffee in Numbers

If you’ve ever asked yourself how many cups of coffee you get out of a 250g bag of beans, but have never been bothered to find the answer until now, you’ve come to the right place. I hope this will finally shed some light on the matter for you.

So what’s the answer? Well that depends a lot on how you like your coffee, but I’ll try and simplify it by focusing on a couple of options for you.

If you’re lucky enough to own an espresso machine at home, the maths should be fairly simple. The industry standard for an espresso shot is between 7g and 9g of coffee producing 30ml of espresso. if you drink single shots, and take an average of 8g per shot, you get roughly 30 cups of coffee. Drink double shots, you get 15 cups, or just over 2 cups a day.

I’ve got a six cup stovetop Moka pot at home. The coffee basket takes 25g of coffee and the water chamber carries 300ml of water. I like my coffee fairly strong so I’ll probably split that 6 cup pot between two cups. In this example my 250g bag would make nearly 20 cups, or in a week, just under 3 cups a day. My wife would make 3 cups out of our Moka pot, but she drinks from a different favourite cup to me.

Even with both these examples, I guess you could still say, “It depends.” It depends on how you like your coffee, and also the size of your cup, but I think it’s safe to guess that a 250g bag of coffee beans will give you roughly 2 to 4 cups a day in a week.

Our coffee retails at £28 a kg, so in this instance you could say that a cup of coffee costs you between 25p and 50p.

I am of course excluding the cost of water, heating, milk, sugar, cup, coffee making machinery and the like, but you get the idea. There could be a lot of variables here too, but I’ll let you do the maths on that one if you wish.

I think it’s enough to say that for 25p to 50p a cup, your coffee, when buying from us, also provides breakfast and wrap around support for one child for a whole month via our support for Magic Breakfast.

So thank you for your support. I hope this little bit of extra knowledge puts a smile on your face.

Stay well, stay safe. Tell all your friends about us.

Best wishes

Equal Beans.

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